Bonus: Ada Palmer talks about Gene Wolfe, his legacy, and The Book of the New Sun

The Ada Palmer Interview

Ada Palmer wrote the introductions to the latest edition of "Shadow & Claw" from Tor, "The Path of the New Sun" as well as to the upcoming "Sword & Citadel." And now she talks to us. Yay!

She is a professor of History at the University of Chicago and a scholar of the Renaissance. Her novel "Too Like the Lightning" was a Hugo Award nominee in 2017, and that year she won the John W Campbell award for Best New Writer. 


* Ada's Website and Terra Ignota series 

* Writing the Distant Future of Global Politics by Ada Palmer 

* Ada and Jo Walton's podcast 

* The Great Books Podcast interviews Palmer about The Book of the New Sun

Things we talked about:

* Jacques the Fatalist and his Master by Denis Diderot

* Phoenix manga series by Osamu Tezuka

* Cesare Beccaria, 18th century Italian criminologist

* Neon Genesis Evangelion anime 


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