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The Shadow of the Torturer Chapter 35, "Hethor"

This is it! The last chapter of The Shadow of the Torturer! Let's talk about Hethor again. And what DID happen at the end of this chapter?


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* Obiwanspicoli's citations where Severian says the havoc at Piteous Gate was caused by uhlans attacking the travelers:

Claw of the Conciliator, chapter 12: The Notules:

The day before, we had seen uhlans on patrol, men mounted much as we were and bearing lances like those that had killed the travelers at the Piteous Gate. 


Citadel of the Autarch, chapter 1, The Dead Soldier:

It was much like the old road the uhlans had been blocking when I had become separated from Dr. Talos, Baldanders, Jolenta, and Dorcas when we left Nessus, but I was unprepared for the cloud of dust that hung about it.


Urth of the New Sun, chapter 34 Saltus Again:

A good inn's there." I answered, "I know," thinking as I did how Jonas and I had walked there through the forest after the uhlans had scattered our party at the Piteous Gate, of finding the wine in our ewer, and many other things.


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