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The Claw of the Conciliator Chapter 07, "The Assassins"

Severian leaves the cavern and is reunited with Agia. 

Did Severian heal the man-ape's arm with the Claw in front of Agia?


* Mike Bennewitz's Geographical Axis of the Enemies of the Increate:

     - #1

     - #2 

* Michael Andre-Driuss (aka Mantis) proffers that the man-apes were not fleeing from the scary sound, but running toward it.

* Scott, Aaron, BJ, Brendan & Samantha (aka Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich) on the Man-apes cavern -- in the 2:06 Reddit comments.

* Neal Smith (SarcasMage) -- in the 2:06 Reddit comments.

* Mike Farrar continues the fight on Morwenna's guilt and murderousness but has some ideas about Hethor including, he's Korean? -- in the 2:06 Reddit comments.

* Noodus McGroodus on FB says Agia and Agilus could be generated from Hethor's mirror sails.

* Facebook

    - Chapter 07 The Assassins

    - Chapter 06 Blue Light 

    - Marc's Rebuttal 

    - Chapter 05 The Bourne 

    - Chapter 04 The Bouquet

* Reddit

---- Chapter 07 The Assassins

---- Chapter 06 Blue Light 

---- Discussion at the r/Genewolfe

---- Marc's Rebuttal

---- Chapter 05 The Bourne 

---- Chapter 04 The Bouquet 


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